Rosie wouldn’t have survived much longer.

If Inspector Jeremy had reached her even a few days later, Rosie and all eight of her puppies could have died.

Her owners had left her to starve, tied up in an open yard with no shelter. Hunger had stripped Rosie of almost all her muscle. You could see the detail in every rib. It was no place to bring up vulnerable puppies and Rosie knew it.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Rosie was rescued just in time.

Just a few hours after being transferred to a local vet clinic Rosie was a proud mum to eight gorgeous puppies.

“I think she was waiting to be somewhere safe before she had her pups. I’m so thankful we got her out of there when we did,” Inspector Jeremy said.

Her puppies were born into warmth and safety and Rosie had the care and nutrition she needed to be the loving mum she wanted to be.

She was moved to an RSPCA volunteer foster home so she could get her strength back and the puppies could thrive. There was always nutritious food, always a kind pat, and always a nice warm place on the couch for her.

It was a long road to recovery, but Rosie and all her puppies are now safe, happy, and healthy in their forever homes.

Every year, thousands of animals find themselves in need of our help. With your generous support, animals can receive the medical treatment and care they need to have a second chance.

Please donate today to rescue and provide life saving care to animals like Rosie.

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