Tip-offs from the public led our Major Investigations Team to a home west of Melbourne.

They found Barley and many other kittens locked in crowded cages with hardly any air.

Cages were stacked on top of each other. A heavy, soiled blanket covered them all. They had little food or water, with barely enough room to move, let alone play.  

In these inhumane conditions, disease and infection was rife. Frightened kittens were stepping all over each other, in their soiled litter trays and food bowls.


Thankfully our Major Investigations Team arrived just in time to help. They very quickly transported Barley, and eight other kittens, into the care and safety of RSPCA vets. 

RSPCA Veterinarian Dr Kiki examined Barley and found she was suffering with conjunctivitis, ringworm and a serious ear infection. Most of the other kittens had chest infections, along with other ailments.  

Dr Kiki estimates the cost of restoring them all to health and preparing them for adoption ended up being over tens of thousands of dollars. 

Thanks to you, Barley got a second chance at love and the happy home all animals like her deserve.

Today, Barley’s new family tell us she is “a lady of leisure” who brings so much joy to her adopted family.

The kitten traders responsible were held to account and found guilty of several charges related to illegal selling activities and animal cruelty. 

Outcomes like this are what makes the RSPCA’s work so important - and I really hope you’ll help again today to make more happy endings like this possible.


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    Specialist vet treatment

    Can provide medication for a sick or injured animal to help them make a full recovery.

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    Finding a forever home

    Can help a rescued animal get ready to find their forever home with a microchip, vaccinations and desexing.

  • $120

    RSPCA Inspectors

    Can help keep RSPCA Victoria Inspectors on the road to ensure they can rescue animals from cruelty before it’s too late.

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