Ivy was horribly injured by another dog in her own backyard. There were open wounds all over her face and body. But her owner didn’t take her to the vet.

Poor Ivy was left to suffer for days.

“Ivy’s injuries couldn’t wait – it was an emergency” says Inspector Natalie.

Her wounds were getting infected, and the pain must have been unbearable.

But Inspector Natalie could see immediately that things hadn’t been going well for Ivy for a long time…


Inspector Natalie noted “she was very skinny, and the infection around her ears made me think there’d been issues there for a long time.”

On top of her external injuries from the fight poor Ivy was also sick. She was emaciated, dehydrated, anaemic, had hookworm and a fever.

“No one could have looked at this dog and not known something was very wrong.”

Ivy was rushed to RSPCA NSWs shelter’s vet clinic where she was finally able to get some relief from the pain.

Ivy required extensive vet treatment to recover from her devastating condition – fluids, pain relief, a whole host of antibiotics and other medications, surgeries on her ears and leg, and more.

Thanks to the kind support of people like you, Ivy is finally healthy and ready to find a loving, fur-ever home of her very own.

With a kind gift today, you can give another animal like Ivy a second chance at a happy life.

Please donate today to help rescue animals in need.


Your donation will help

  • $65

    Vet care and medication

    Provide animals like Ivy with the expert treatment and medications needed to help heal their wounds.

  • $80

    Life Saving emergency surgery

    Help fund the emergency surgeries that save the lives of animals like Ivy.

  • $140

    RSPCA Inspectors

    Help RSPCA VIC Inspectors rescue animals like Ivy and bring them to safety.

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