Inspectors arrived just in time to save Shelby.  

Shelby was just five months old when Inspector Rosie found her. One of 11 dogs crammed into a small space without enough food or water.

Shelby was the runt of the litter. Weakened by lack of food, infections and constant struggle she would not have lived much longer. 

“She was non-responsive and covered in fight wounds,” says Inspector Rosie. “She just lay there, not reacting while another pup attacked her ear.”

“I’m not sure how long Shelby would have lasted. She was underweight, undersized and malnourished.” 

Shelby was losing her fight for survival.


Rushed to the vet for emergency care.  

Shelby was rushed to a local vet for emergency treatment. Shelby’s temperature was dangerously low and she was in shock, she needed intensive treatment to save her life. Thankfully, the local vet was able to stabilise her and she was moved to the RSPCA Shelter clinic at Burwood for further treatment.

X-rays revealed no broken bones but Shelby was still whimpering in pain from her injuries. She’d lost blood from her fight wounds, was anaemic, severely malnourished and emaciated, and had some of her baby teeth broken.

You can help gift love, care, and a better life to another little Shelby. 

Today, Shelby has found her forever home where she has all the food, space and affection she was denied as a puppy.

She likes sunny spots in the garden and playing ‘go away’ with the pigeons that sit on the fence,” says Ben, Shelby’s new human. “She likes to be around people, and she will wander room to room looking for someone to sit with."

No animal should have to live in the kinds of conditions Shelby and her siblings were found in. With your support, our team can fight for them.

Please donate today to help rescue animals in need.

Your donation will help

  • $65

    Vet care

    Give expert veterinary care to neglected and vulnerable animals – so they can have a second chance.

  • $80

    Equip a foster carer

    Equip a foster carer with bedding, toys, treats and everything else they’ll need in their journey to recovery.

  • $140

    RSPCA Inspectors

    Keep RSPCA Inspectors on the roads – so we can be there in time for puppies like Shelby.

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