A real estate agent conducting a routine check of his owner’s property found Maxi in a terrible state.

Maxi was desperate for human contact. But he was so weak he couldn't stand up. 

You could see almost every bone in his body, and his skull was sunken in from malnutrition.  

Thankfully, the agent contacted the RSPCA straight away and we had an Inspector there right away. 

She bundled Maxi in her arms and got him to a vet as fast as she could 


At 19.7 kg, Maxi weighed less than half what he should have.

Some people might think you can just feed a starving animal and they’ll get better - but our expert vets knew it wouldn’t be that simple. 

Animals that haven't eaten properly for a long time need a careful feeding plan and constant monitoring. 

It took weeks of care and compassion – including a feeding plan, specialist physiotherapy and an emergency surgery – before Max could even hold his own body weight on his wasted legs. 

Today, Maxi’s new family make sure his life is every dog’s dream with lots of walks, cuddles and healthy food.

Lots of people had a part to play in saving Maxi’s life but it was only thanks to the support of kind, animal-loving people like you that we had the resources to give Maxi his second chance.  

When you open your heart with a gift to RSPCA Victoria, you help make incredible second chances possible for dogs like Maxi. 


Your donation will help

  • $65

    RSPCA Inspectors

    Can help resource RSPCA Victoria Inspectors to rescue animals like Maxi - before it's too late.

  • $80

    Life Saving emergency surgery

    Can help provide vital veterinary care - like the emergency surgery that saved Maxi's life.

  • $140

    Specialist vets and nurses

    Can help train vets and nurses in the specialist skills needed to bring animals back from death's door.

Ivys Appeal 2023
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